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We The Lost Application

Player Name: Elle
Preferred Pronouns?: No preferences, female pronouns are most common.
Player Contact:
Plurk: ElleBrat
AIM: ElleBrat
Other characters in play? N/A

Character Name: Ian Yorkland
Canon: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger
Game Transplant: Kiseki @InsaneJournal
Original App: Warning: It's really long.
Game Summary: Kiseki is a CLAMP-themed panfandom RPG. There's no overarcing plot, though game-wide events are held regularly. These events range from dark and angsty to light-hearted and cavity-inducing.

How long was your character in Game: 7th June 2014 - 12th November 2014
History of Character in their Game: Ian's arrival into Kiseki was perfectly timed with his sentai leader's Dinosaur Samba Party, which was also his birthday party. So the suspicious foot Ian would have begun with was promptly replaced with bewilderment and alcohol.

Shortly after his arrival into Kiseki, Ian began researching the world he'd gotten stuck in. From the time of his arrival, Ian has been convinced that Kiseki is some sort of enemy illusion or trap, and his research has been in an attempt to find out specifics of that. Unfortunately due to the nature of Kiseki, there wasn't a lot Ian was actually able to discover. Some of his working theories held water (he'd drawn up a timeline of when people should arrive, based upon his own observations, and 9/10 times his projected timeframes were correct) but others he had no way of testing.

About two weeks after Ian arrived, the entirety of Kiskei was submerged underwater and the residents began to live in treehouses. When the water subsided and the trees disappeared, Ian found that his two comrades - King and Ucchii - had become children. The combination of the flooding and the sudden babysitting duties he found himself with only increased Ian's suspicions about Kiseki, and from that point he prepared himself for all eventualities.

Less than a month after arriving, the sentai's guardian (who was deceased by the point in the timeline Ian is from) arrived in Kiseki; with him came the Kyoryuger's secret base, which Kiseki modified into a hotel-like dwelling for them. Not one to turn down the opportunity to reunite with a friend he thought he'd never see again, Ian leapt on the opportunity. Being able to live in such a familiar setting was comforting for Ian, and despite the constant reminder of one of his perceived failures - his inability to keep all of his comrades, including their guardian, alive - he began to accept some of Kiseki's eccentricities more readily.

The appearance of Nossan, another Kyoryuger, just four days after Torin was the first appearance to cause Ian to alter the projected timeframe he'd drawn up for arrivals. Nossan's unexpected arrival was enough to prompt Ian to reach out to all of the other inhabitants of Kiseki, to gather information on when they'd arrived and under what circumstances. Unfortunately it seemed that nobody was able to recall much that was of any use. On top of that, the lady Ian had managed to arrange coffee with - Himawari - quite pointedly affirmed multiple times their friendship status. (Not something that Ian minded, aside from needing to curb his flirtatious tendencies, but definitely a bit of an ego bruise.)

About two weeks after that, Ian isn't sure how, but one of the residents of Kiseki managed to bring a demon into the world. This demon took the image of that person, and used their face to get close to their friends in the hopes of killing them. Along with this demon were countless mooks. This was the first sign of any monsters that Ian had seen in Kiseki, and consequently he was a little unprepared. Using the wishing jar he'd filled by helping people, Ian wished for his zyudenryuu Parasagun (and a special zyudenchi to make him small, to fit into Kiseki) so that he could transform into Kyoryu Black, to help fight the enemy.

Ian's primary function during the attack was the same as ever; he went out, defended people who needed it, and acquired the information needed to win the battle. Through his efforts he was able to relay to others that the enemy's weakness was silver, and together he and Ucchii bravely fought their way to the jewellery store to bling the heck out of their weapons.

Unknown to Ian, Ucchii was injured when they set out on their little mission; this injury caused him to nearly fall at the enemy's hands, and since then Ian has been much more wary and cautious of his comrades' limits.

Exactly one month after dealing with those attacks, Ian's best friend - Souji - finally arrived in Kiseki; exactly when Ian had theorized he would. Since there was no Dinosaur Samba Party currently in progress to disarm Souji's paranoia the way Ian's had been, Ian did what he could to play it careful and slowly assure Souji that yes, he was the real thing and no, he wasn't an enemy that was trying to kill him.

With Souji reassured that Ian was real, Ian - aware of the fact that King and Ucchii were from a point in the timeline before Ian, Torin and Nossan - took the chance of asking Souji what had occurred just before he'd arrived in Kiseki. With confirmation that Souji too was from an earlier point, Ian clammed up; having been in Kiseki without Souji for so long, Ian had once again become used to no-one pressing him for the truth of his feelings, and to people accepting his light-hearted jokes to change the topic of the conversation.

Souji, thankfully, is Ian's best friend for a good reason and wouldn't accept any of Ian's attempts at deflection. With both of them being so strong-willed and determined, Souji's pushing almost resulted in a physical fight. It was only Souji's honesty, and his plea for Ian to just trust him, that eventually caused Ian to back down and spill the truth. For the first time since they happened, Ian finally spoke about the deaths of their comrades that were weighing on him, his failures to protect them all, and the events of the timeline past the point that Souji was from. Going into immense detail would have been too painful for Ian to manage, but even just expressing the basic facts of everything did a lot to ease him.

A couple of days later found the entirety of Kiseki being hit with a sudden and abrupt desire to train. And so Ian did. He practised his speed and accuracy in shooting with Parasagun, and he then set up a training area where he and Souji could practice dual-wielding again. It wasn't until the evening, after forcing Souji to eat and rest to recover from his own reckless solo-training, and after discussing some of Souji's family problems a bit that Ian finally managed to get them into the training grounds - but all in all, a day well spent.

A few days after that, Ian woke and found that King and Daigo, with the help of Lilo, had changed their base into a spa. Blocked from getting his morning coffee by an over-eager King, Ian was made to sit at a table while King served him. Ian's request for a large coffee was met with a variety of ridiculously giant mugs, and the answer to his confusion about why they had those was "in case Gabutyra returns to his full size and wants a drink!"

Gabutyra, being King's zyudenryuu, is a tyrannosaurus mecha. The mechas... don't need to eat or drink at all.

Exasperated, Ian finally got his request for a proper coffee through. With his morning caffeine hit out of the way, he was then promptly fleeced by Lilo and conned into buying t-shirts and keychains he really didn't need.

Just a few days after the spa was packed up and moved away from the base, Kiseki was cursed with vines that were drawn to guilt and remorse. Once these vines found someone with enough negative feelings, they would wrap around that person and feed on the negativity whilst attempting to crush the person to death. The vines also drew the negativity to the surface of a person's mind when they came into contact with them, which meant that someone trapped by the vines would just have their guilt and remorse compounded repeatedly.

Ian, being nothing but guilt and remorse since Shiro's death, was a very easy target for these vines. He didn't even get a chance to think about helping anyone before he was taken and trapped against a tree, and his team-mate's attempts to free him were received poorly. Ucchii was immediately trapped by his own vines (which only stirred Ian's guilt further), King's brute force didn't work, and Nossan's strength only helped in ripping the damn tree out of the ground.

Once again, for like, the millionth time since they both joined the sentai, it was Souji who saved Ian's ass. The only way to escape the vines was to talk about your guilt and remorse, and to let it go; the only reason Souji was able to get Ian to do this was because by the time he found him, Ian was already hallucinating Shiro's ghost and was ridiculously close to passing out. In that state, it took just a little nudging to get Ian to start talking.

With the help of Parasagun's zyudenchi boosting Ian's spirit and melody, he was able to express his guilt to the hallucination of his deceased best friend - and, consequently, to the still-alive best friend, too. The expression of Ian's guilt; specifically, that he hated that he had replaced Shiro so easily in his heart, and that his anger and negativity after Shiro's death had abated so drastically after joining the sentai, was enough to trigger Souji's own repressed guilt, and to cause the vines to trap him as well.

Thankfully by that point Ian was regaining lucidity, due to the vines trapping him easing up and falling away. With the ability to breathe again came the slow return of Ian's thought processes, and with the return of his thought processes came the loss of his hallucination. With his mind clearer, his guilt lifted, and his zyudenchi warm against his chest, Ian was able to understand the situation enough to see the way out of it.

Still trapped by vines, and watching Souji becoming as encased as he had been, Ian was the first to get out the string of admissions. How grateful he was that he could trust Souji to look out for him; how it was incredible, the amount of times Souji had saved him. How he was scared of letting people become as precious to him as Shiro had been, how much it hurt to lose someone, and how he had thought that becoming Kyoryu Black meant he was damned to be in mourning forever. How amazing it was, that Souji and the others had shown him that wasn't the case - how even though he was terrified of losing someone again, if anyone was going to be that close to his heart, he was glad it was Souji.

Getting Souji out of the vines wasn't as difficult as it had been to extract Ian, and though they were both incredibly injured from the thorns on the vines, they managed to make their way out of the forest and back to the base, where they tended their injuries. During this process, a lot more honesty than Ian is usually comfortable with was in the air. Thanks to the amount of pain he was in, Ian's lips were much looser than normal, and his slightly-more-than-just-very-strong-friendship feelings were expressed. Which... led to Souji's frank expression of his own feelings. Not in the correct frame of mind to handle something like that, all Ian could do was try to talk Souji down from such a determined declaration. Well aware of the baggage he comes with, Ian tried to point out to Souji that he's really not a great person for anyone to invest their love in; something that Souji refuted and rebutted, until eventually Ian stopped arguing against it.

No amount of damage and heart-to-hearts is enough to keep Ian from flirting, though, and not two weeks after the events of the vines - and from beginning to toe the line of something romantic with Souji - Ian was out and about and hitting on Queen Elsa. She was the first woman in Kiseki Ian had met who had the same reservations about the place as he and Souji, and thus the first that Ian felt a genuine connection with.

A few days after that found Ian helping Yuuki cleaning up the mess she'd made of the bakery. Thanks to Kiseki's accelerated healing, Ian was well enough to take care of the bulk of the cleaning while he sent Yuuki off to clean herself up. Being no good at cooking himself, the extent of Ian's usefulness was in helping to cheer Yuuki up and in getting the bakery back to a presentable state.

Not long can pass without one of his team-mates doing something ridiculous, and the very first day of October Ian found Ucchii setting up to learn how to knit. Through a series of misadventures in topic-changing that only those two can manage, they somehow got onto the topic of sex - and thus, Ian explained to Ucchii the benefits of condoms and learned more about his comrade's sex life than he ever wanted to know. The perils of being a known playboy and likely the one on the team with the most sexual experience and knowledge; you'll be the first one anyone comes to when they need advice.

A couple of days after that embarrassing experience brought a much more pleasant one. That is to say, Ian's first actual date in Kiseki. One instigated by Souji, no less. While it was a date centred around carving pumpkins (something Ian has no talent or patience for), any time with his BFF is bound to be a good time. Especially when he has an opportunity to deliver an impromptu history lesson, and to learn something in return. Souji's lack of knowledge regarding Halloween customs meant that Ian could ramble about its origins to his heart's content, and Ian's lacking knowledge of Japanese traditions then meant that Souji was able to teach him more about Obon than he'd managed to learn in the year he'd spent in Japan fighting as a Kyoryuger.

Peace didn't last terribly long. A week and a half after that date, monsters spawned in Kiseki that attacked and stole important traits from people. Ian was witness to King being attacked, and from there experienced first-hand how the monsters had stolen everything that made King a good person. With King's compassion gone, there was nothing to stop his strong will from butting with Ian's, and his uncharacteristic desire for revenge led to the two of them fighting then and there. Ian, aware that the monsters were the cause of his leader's strange attitude, went easy on him and aimed only to disarm and pin him.

During the course of their fight, King told Ian that if he continued to disobey him, he would remove him from the team. Despite scoffing at the idea and reprimanding King (pointing out that it wasn't his choice to make; the zyudenryuu were the ones who chose the Kyoryuger, and nobody else had a say in it), those words hurt Ian deeply and led to him getting fed up with King's attitude faster than he may have otherwise.

Dealing with King culminated in Ucchii, Nossan, Lilo and Ian combining their efforts to subdue and gag him (to stop him from saying anything else hurtful or rage-inducing), before leaving him in the base under the careful watch of Ucchii.

Heading back out to help whoever he could, Ian found himself surrounded by enemies. With no other option left, Ian used one of his zyudenchi to perform a Kyoryu Change for the second time in Kiseki. The enemy were scared off by his transformation, leaving Ian standing in an empty stretch of land, fully transformed and with no enemy to fight.

Any hopes of hiding his embarrassment due to lack of witnesses were quickly dashed when Souji arrived on the scene. Because of course when Ian's in trouble Souji's close by, and of course an embarrassing mistake like wasting a zyudenchi couldn't go unwitnessed.

It quickly became evident from Souji's state (and, well, from the fact that he flat-out said it) that he'd been attacked, and that the monsters had managed to take something from him. After calming Souji down, Ian agreed to help test to see if they'd taken Souji's fighting ability. Turned out that no, they hadn't, and a quick series of questions later confirmed for Ian that instead they'd taken away Souji's brain -> mouth filter, leaving him as open and honest as a book.

Ian didn't get to tease Souji as much as he wanted, sadly. Once it was evident that they were both still alright (although one a bit more open than he was usually comfortable being), they parted ways to continue helping others.

This led Ian to Yuuki once again, though she was definitely not the same as the girl he'd helped at the bakery. Instead, when he found her she was licking blood off her hands, presumably from the corpse of the dead monster in front of her. 'Taken aback' doesn't even begin to describe Ian's reaction, and though cautious, he offered what help he could to her. It quickly became apparent that she was not in need of his assistance, and too perturbed to continue, Ian let her be.

The stolen traits remained lost for quite a few days. During that time Ian was able to learn a lot about Souji (and get in a healthy amount of teasing), aborted King's attempt to steal a dragon by convincing him to look for an impossible-to-find-or-even-exist variation, and did what he could to try to steer everyone away from murdering each-other.

The return of everyone's traits was a welcome relief, and almost in apology for the monsters, Kiseki's next disruption to everyone's daily lives was candy. More specifically, love candy where each colour had a different effect.

Not being a person with a very sweet tooth, Ian didn't consume many himself. The ones he did consume barely affected him; all they did was slightly increase his flirtation and boost his ego.

Aaaaaaand that brings us to the end of Ian's time in Kiseki.

How did they change from their canon personality wise (Please explain what caused it to happen?)
Ian's personality hasn't altered a lot from its base, though parts have been grown. Mainly, his grief and guilt regarding Shiro.

During the Vines event, Ian was caught and held by the power of his own guilt. The way these vines worked was that they would continue to draw on negative emotions, bringing them to the surface and suffocating with them. The way to get them to stop was to accept your guilt, and to talk about it.

Sooooooooo Ian did a lot of painful growing there. He traded some emotional scarring for some physical scarring, and in the end has come out not happy, but he's accepted his fault in Shiro's death and is beginning to heal.

The most major change is in the leaps and bounds his view on Souji has taken. Since Souji's arrival in Kiseki, a lot of soul-bearing events have occurred - leading to the two of them growing closer much faster than expected and, well, it's probably Ian's fault for flirting too much with anyone who gets within five feet of him but there's now also something of a budding romance. The high level of trust Ian had in Souji before Kiseki has only grown, and their shared sentiment of "we go to Hell together" hasn't changed since entering Kiseki. It helps that Souji always gets flustered at the smallest amount of flirtatious teasing, which does nothing but encourage Ian to do it more.

His fear of loss is ever-present, and due to almost losing Ucchii twice now, Ian is especially concerned when it comes to him. He's still a bit sore at King for trying to kick him off the team, but otherwise understands that it wasn't actually King at the time.

How did they change from their canon physically (Please explain what caused it to happen?):
There are now some scars on his chest and legs from the tearing of his flesh that the thorns on the vines caused. Other than that, no changes.

Powers: Ian is Kyoryu Black, and with that comes the ability to kick some major ass. He's extremely proficient with firearms, and rarely misses his target. He's also competent with swords, makeshift weapons, and... general badassery. Gratuitous flips are kind of his thing, as are generally flashy moves. (He likes to show off, okay?)

Provided Ian has his Gaburevolver, a charged Parasagun zyudenchi, and is able to form a connection to Parasagun, he can transform into Kyoryu Black. As Kyoryu Black, Ian's power, speed, and durability increase as the suit acts as both armour and as an ability booster.

With two charged Parasagun zyudenchi in his Gaburevolver, Ian can then access his Armed On mode, which provides him with extra armour along his arm and a special weapon; his Parasa Shot. This is basically just a high-powered purple-laser-beam-shooting gun with Parasagun's image on it.

With additional zyudenchi, Ian can access a wide variety of abilities. He and his team-mates can also borrow each-others' zyudenchi to power up their attacks, and to create special combinations.

1x Gaburevolver; functions as a transformation device and as a low-level energy blast gun.
4x Charged Parasagun zyudenchi; for use in powering up the Gaburevolver and access to Kyoryu Black form.
1x Mini-Parasagun, which is basically a dinosaur who has been turned into a mecha and allows Ian to borrow its power through a musical connection that they share. The musical connection thing is legit. Play music bad enough and Ian can't connect with Parasagun at all. Mini-Parasagun is treated as a pet in Kiseki; he has no real characterization aside from the off-handed comments Ian makes about him in the series. If he's not okay to be here, I will live!
1x Gaburicalibur that Ian never uses anyway.
1x Parasagun t-shirt, 1x Zakutor t-shirt, 1x Bragigas t-shirt, keychains of each of the first 6 zyudenryuu, and a full set of anatomically-correct dinosaur bone keychains that can be built together to create a surprise dinosaur. Ian can't say no to children swindling him out of money.
1x Black leather wallet, containing a pile of yen, a photo of himself and Shiro, a copy of his passport extract, gun licences for a ridiculous amount of countries, and also apparently now Tuxedo Black condoms.
His Kiseki research, which currently comprises of 8 coloured folders, two journals, and a notepad.

Please provide three samples from your previous game, at least one will have to be third person with context:
Sample One: Daigo (aka 'King'), the leader of the Kyoryuger, has all of his good traits stolen from him. Ian is Not Impressed.
Sample Two: Yuuki winds up having some difficulty in the kitchen of the bakery, Ian does what he can to cheer her up a bit.
Sample Three: [Third Person Sample, or as close to it as Kiseki gets] Ian is captured by killer vegetation, almost dies, is stumbled upon by Souji and is forced to bear his soul to escape being crushed to death.

Notes: I have forcibly stopped myself from writing as much as I honestly could, so please if there is anything you want me to expand on I can do it really, really easily.

Bonus stats meme.

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