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i swear i don't usually ship in the first thread

whoops we accidentally a hundred or so comments

continuing on from dear_mun
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[And here's where Souji just gives him another blank, serious look.]

I don't understand what your intentions are at this point.
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I wasn't bothered about that.

[This time, Souji isn't subtle about moving away again, though he's suddenly aware of that wall just another step or so behind him. He doesn't looked scared or worried, just nervous.]

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[He takes a deep breath, just watching Ian, forming his hands into fists at his side and lifting his chin just slightly.]

I'm not telling you to stop.
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[Souji can't help but gasp softly as soon as he's against the wall, moving his hands to grasp at it's surface because he needs to hold onto something at the moment to keep his legs from giving out. And that's without Ian touching him. He looks mildly embarrassed again.]

I figured that was obvious.
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[As soon as Ian's hands are on him again, Souji can't help but make a small noise of surprise, instinctively, nervously pressing his lips together and wetting them -- something he would have been severely embarrassed about if he'd known he was being so obvious. His body tenses up again, only briefly, until Ian's lips are against his.

In that moment, one of his hands darts away from the wall and tightly grabs a handful of Ian's jacket, Souji trying his best to steady himself somewhere between pressing more against the wall and pulling Ian towards him, holding tightly onto the other.

And despite his inexperience, Souji tilts his head just enough to press back into the kiss. It's soft and rather chaste, as to be expected.]
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[Everything Ian does evokes some response from Souji -- the firm press against him brings a soft noise from Souji's throat, the trailing hand has Souji's body shifting towards the touch, and the fingers curling into his hair makes him gasp, his lips parting momentarily. Even such light, innocent contact seems to almost be more than Souji can handle, but it's to be expected with how long his feelings for Ian have been culminating.

There's a brief moment where Souji almost pulls back from the kiss, purely out of surprise in the direction it's taken, before he pushes right back into it. The grip he has on Ian's jacket tightens, though Souji's frustrated with how slim fitting the jacket is and how he can't hold enough. To compensate, his other hand goes to Ian's waist and wraps itself in the chains hanging there, using that to pull Ian in instead.]
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[The tug on Souji's hair certainly does draw a noise from him. It's short, but clearly audible, coming out as something partway between a whimper and a whine, as though it had hurt a little, but just not as much as he wanted. It also makes the flush on his cheeks more obvious. The whole thing, of course, is not helped by the fact that hair-pulling was one entry on a very long list of things Souji had been wanting Ian to do to him.

It's only after Ian is back in, much closer than before, that Souji realizes he may have pushed too far. Souji gasps again at the contact of their hips, settling for pushing himself back against the wall even more, though it does little to add space between them. He should have known tugging on the chains would result in such a thing, but all Souji had been thinking about was keeping Ian close to him -- not the exact technicalities of where and what would touch.

And again, Ian's behavior only seems to spur Souji on. At the teasing, Souji responds by sliding both of his hands up to wrap them around Ian's neck, moving his tongue from his mouth to catch Ian's and push against it. He had always picked up on things fast.]
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[If the enthusiasm Ian was putting into his actions was bothering Souji at all, he certainly wasn't showing any signs of objecting. For a brief moment, the shift of Souji's lips against Ian's feel as though he had actually smiled in response to the added force, but it's difficult to tell.

As far as embarrassing problems, Souji has already been conveniently ignoring any problem he might have, though how tightly his hands clasp the back of Ian's neck and the more-than-slight shaking of his legs should have been a good indication if nothing else was. It was another one of the reasons Souji had struggled to find any sort of space to put between them as soon as he realized what he was doing.

Continuing to match Ian for enthusiasm with the kiss, the missing touch from his hair goes almost unnoticed, but the nails on his skin causes Souji to (finally) break from the kiss to make a soft, pleading whine. At this point, there is finally space between their lips for the first time in what seems like forever. Souji licks his lips and then bites them in turn, his face still flushed, and his attention focused entirely on Ian's dog tag because it keeps him from looking up to meet Ian's gaze. His hands don't leave the back of Ian's neck and Souji is completely silent other than his panting breath. And aside from that, his legs seem to be shaking more than before.]
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[There has never been a moment where Souji has looked more vulnerable than he does now. He finally manages to bring his gaze up to match Ian's after a few more moments, still biting at his lip from time to time, trying to get used to the stinging feeling the pressure of Ian's own lips had left him with. His face is still flushed red and his hair is a mess, neither of which Souji notices or cares about, since he's too busy trying to study Ian's face now and engrave the moment in his memory.

Of course, the touch to his hips catches Souji completely off guard, his eyes widening as he gasps in a breath, tensing momentarily. It really was one of the worst places Ian could have touched him in that moment, but no part of him can really bring himself to pull away or figure out how to explain himself.]


[Unfortunately, Ian's name didn't come out with a cool and even tone like Souji had hoped. It had an underlying tone that instead matched that of the pleading whine Ian had gotten out of him with the touch to his neck. The embarrassment makes Souji dig his fingers into the back of Ian's neck a bit, averting his eyes again.]
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[The not-so-much innuendo simply results in a half-hearted glare from Souji, which is even far less threatening than usual thanks to his current appearance and the fact that he can't even keep his mouth shut when he's trying to catch his breath.

However, the glare doesn't last when Ian starts giving Souji's hips those touches. Without thinking, Souji arches his back and presses back against Ian's hands, his eyes shutting momentarily as a very obvious whimper escapes him. He is not proud at all of his behavior in this moment and while he's horribly embarrassed and a little bit aggravated, it's still Ian making this happen, which makes everything okay.]
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[Souji regains just enough composure to shake his head a few times, trying to find his voice among all of the breathy gasps leaving him. He had thought about being in this sort of situation before, but had been far too focused on what might have happened between them and not at all on how his own reactions would have been. To say the least, Souji is very (pleasantly) surprised by how he's feeling, despite all the vulnerability.]

No... It's too fast...

[Of course, Ian pulling at his shirt makes it really tempting to say yes.]
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I'm supposed to take you out?

[The position doesn't seem to bother Souji, who moves his hands down from Ian's neck and instead wraps his arms around Ian's waist and keeps the two of them at a close, yet manageable distance. He may tug Ian in a bit more, just to lean his forehead against the other's shoulder.]

You don't have to stop everything. Just... don't go that far.
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[There's a sigh against Ian's jacket, then something that sounds like a short, amused laugh.]


[At the touch to his hair, Souji seems to start relaxing against Ian more, nearly nuzzling in against the leather.]

There's something I should probably say right now.
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[After the words leave him, Souji realizes how negative it sounds, but he didn't want to surprise Ian entirely with changing the topic at all once. He doesn't bother to pull back or do anything more than wrap his arms a little tighter around Ian's body.]

Thank you... for all of that. [Even if Ian can't see his face, it's very clear how embarrassed Souji is. However, he knows he should say the rest while looking at Ian and carefully forces himself to lift his head, staring up at the other.]

Don't expect to hear me talk about this with you so openly again... [Souji averts his eyes for a moment, as if steeling himself, before looking back up again.] Whatever you want to do, I'll consider it. Whenever you want to, I'll consider it. Anything that happens between us, I don't mind, because... it's you...

[And here's where he clears his throat, having been wanting to say this to Ian for awhile, just because he knows how important it is. It had been a long time since they'd discovered the things they were all afraid of the most and he'd always remembered Ian's, keeping it in the back of his mind as a topic to treat with care.]

... I trust you, Ian. Completely. I know you'd never hurt me or let anything happen to me. ... so I want to do whatever I can for you. ... with you.

[Really, it's the closest Souji may ever get to the l-word.]
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[See, Ian? That wasn't so bad, even with the awkward lead up. And Souji can't help but smile at the first mention of 'boy' in awhile, mildly thankful that it didn't happen at any point earlier than this where Ian might have figured out exactly how much Souji enjoyed hearing it. While he listens to Ian talk and watches him think, Souji simply stands there, reassuringly shifting his arms around Ian's waist with a hint of a smile on his face.]

I'm not entirely proud of how much time I spend thinking about you.

[That, of course, being his admission on how much work he does to figure out exactly how Ian works, and how careful he is about handling the other. Not that Ian can't handle himself, but Souji had always wanted to be the one Ian could fall back on when he couldn't be strong all the time, ever since figuring out how good of a person Ian really was. At that point, the pretty face was just a bonus.]

... I just wanted you to hear it. To make sure you know how important you are to me.
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[Throughout all of Ian's struggling to deal with the honesty in the room, the small smile never leaves Souji's lips. There was, of course, a great deal more Souji wanted to say, talk about, or ask about especially, but he knows putting Ian in such a place can only be done in small doses or when the other is in a particular mood. He's far too tempted to ask what Ian thinks of him -- not that it would be anything negative and not that it wouldn't be anything he didn't already know, but Souji likes the idea of hearing it anyway.

Aside from some of the other questions, Souji can't imagine when it would be a good idea to bring any of them up. Ian might never be ready for those.

When Ian tries to change the atmosphere, Souji makes an amused noise and goes along with it.]

Don't think I didn't notice what you were doing.
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I suppose someone like you always needs something to study...

[With that, Souji slowly removes his arms from Ian's waist, careful to not make the other think he's doing it for any bad reason. He brings his hands up and flattens his hair, then tucks his shirt back in and tries to make himself presentable.]
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[You know, at this point he's not even going to pretend he doesn't notice the things you're doing and saying.]

Wasn't that what we were doing already?

[And he's more than aware of how much more education Ian has, hence all those really awkward teacher fantasies Souji has that he doesn't want to admit to. Not that he'd mind actual studying either, but would Ian really be able to concentrate?]
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[Give him awhile and he'll go back to being cute and awkward, he's just in a mood right now while his body is trying to calm itself down. The extra comment unfortunately makes his face start to do the flushing thing again, which means at least part of him is still in the awkward easily-teasable stage.]

Studying, demonstrations...

[Souji trails off at first, then hooks one finger on the front of Ian's jacket and pulls the other in close. In a re-creation of one of Ian's earlier actions, Souji presses a kiss to Ian's lips, brushing them briefly with his tongue before starting to pull back.]

And tests.
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[Souji had been hoping to keep it short to avoid any sort of awkward situation from happening, not wanting to tempt Ian too much (unlike how Ian loved tempting him.) There's a brief moment where Souji feels proud of himself for what he'd done, having caught Ian off guard and apparently having done a good job of following up.

Unfortunately for Souji, it was followed by three of his weaknesses in rapid succession -- Ian's English, Ian's lip licking (which was apparently a brand new weakness), and Ian's nickname for him (which Souji secretly considered a pet name). He hadn't been expecting Ian to throw more than one of those things at him at a time, so for a few moments Souji simply stands there, awkwardly opening his mouth and then closing it, trying to find his voice again.

Which just makes him stand there even longer, not saying anything, while he tries to make it seem like his eyes hadn't gone wide and his breath hadn't caught in his throat.]
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[Thankfully, it's only one of three so far. Souji's actually frowning when he notices the look Ian's giving him, because he knows Ian's figured something out, but he doesn't know which one it is.

And the teacher metaphors are not helping at all, coupled with the embarrassing comment, which gets a normal reaction from Souji for once.]

Shut up!

[He tries not to because it makes him feel guilty, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen anyway without him meaning for it to.]
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[Souji knows he has to work on his self control, but that temper of his still flares up just a little too easily sometimes, even when there's harmless teasing involved. He also doesn't take a chance to respond before Ian's kissing him again, with Souji hesitating only slightly, pushing back into it just as Ian's starting to pull away from him. The smile pulls at him and the kiss had made him calmer, settling him back into the dere part of his tsundere.]

As if I would tell you what I'm into...